Dartmoor Ponies arrive at Silverlake

Immerse yourself
Gillie, Ebony, Misty and Summer arrive to perform the important job of Conservation Grazing
Last week was an exciting week at Silverlake as after months of planning and preparation our four Dartmoor ponies arrived at Silverlake. So welcome Gillie, Ebony, Misty and Summer. We have been working with the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust to bring this project together.
On what felt like the wettest day ever the ponies were unloaded into our purpose built corral (thanks to Gregory’s for an excellent job) and were introduced to the team who will be caring for them. These ponies are semi-wild so the team completed their ‘pony training’ with a hands-on session on how to handle the ponies to keep handlers and ponies safe at all times. After several hours of training, we turned the ponies out into their new home.
It is important to remember that these ponies are not pets and should not be petted or fed by anyone. They are here to carry out an important job of conservation grazing that meets nature conservation objectives, and to manage parts of the site that are hard for us to access and control. If they become tame they will be unable to carry out this job and will have to move on.
So please enjoy them from a distance and we will keep you regularly updated on their progress.
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