Habitat First Group features in Decembers issue of Tatler Magazine

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The double page feature will also be appearing in upcoming issues of Vogue and GQ amongst other publications

We are very proud to feature in the December 2015 issues of Tatler, Vogue and GQ magazine.

The detailed article offers a unique, personal insight into Habitat First Group and the key philosophies that drive us forward in everything we do – Family, Ecology & Architecture.

Our Owner, Red Paxton, speaks openly and honestly about what motivates him to succeed, working with his siblings in the family business and his very exciting plans for the future.

Silverlake is the culmination of a dream first conceived by the late Jeremy Paxton, founder of Habitat First Group, and now realised by his children, Red, Ruby & Rory, as the Paxton family aim to provide a safe haven for families who long for the good old days where one could be at one with nature and children could run free and explore in complete safety.

Infrastructure development is already well underway here in Dorset and build on our first set of new homes starts this month. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for regular updates and information, we look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

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