Get back to nature at Silverlake, Dorset, with conservationist Lucy Lapwing

Join BBC’s Springwatch presenter and self-confessed nature nerd Lucy Lapwing for a bank holiday weekend of fun and education in the great outdoors.

Lucy is a well-respected and extremely engaging conservation influencer and we’re lucky to have her at Silverlake in Dorset, hosting three exciting and fun events on the bank holiday Sunday, 28th August 2022.  Lucy will help get you and your children back to nature and create excitement for the outside world and its inhabitants.

The day’s excitement kicks off at 0900 with a Reptile Walk through the woodlands, where you will encounter the reptile residents of Silverlake. Come close to an adder safely (although it is rare, these magnificent creatures can bite).

Adventure further at 1400 with a Bug Hunt through Silverlake, discovering the world of bees, butterflies, bugs and beetles. See if you can spot the rare silver-studded butterfly which has decided to make Silverlake it’s home.

For those who wish to experience the wonderful world of nocturnal bats, you have a rare opportunity to join us on a Bat Walk at 2000 hrs. Lucy will guide you through an evening walk to discover these remarkable creatures that are valuable in our habitat.  Did you know that bats support our ecosystem by devouring over 3000 midges a day, doing us all a favour?

Please ensure to wear weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear.

To book your space, please visit our Eventbrite page; the ticket cost is £5, with all proceeds going directly to the Habitat First Foundation.

The Lucy Lapwing events are exclusive for homeowners and on-site guests at Silverlake, so book your bank holiday with us today if you haven’t already!