The Estate

Creating places where people feel alive

Our modern country estate provides safe, secure and breath-taking holiday homes, based around calm fresh water lakes and waterways with sweeping views. It’s serenely set in the heart of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, whilst barely a stone’s throw from the stirring Jurassic Coast, so you can enjoy some downtime from the crazy pace of urban life.

We strive to have a positive impact in everything we do, respecting nature and the wider community, as well as enhancing the health and wellbeing of families who invest in and enjoy our unique natural retreats.

The Paxton Family

Sharing a love of nature

Habitat First Group is a development company, led by Red, Ruby and Rory Paxton, founded on the principle of creating holiday home communities that share a deep love of nature and a passion for exploring the great outdoors.

The family-run business launched Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds two decades ago, with Silverlake following more recently. In Devon, Birchwood now continues the legacy of combining excellence in architecture, interior design, state-of-the-art facilities, security and service.


Protecting and enhancing the wild life

Silverlake is packed with uniquely special habitats, which attract migrating species as well as encouraging rare native plants and animals to proliferate and thrive. Habitat First Group’s dedicated ecologist is in charge of re-wilding the estates and enhancing hundreds of wildlife species in perpetuity.

A sand face draws sand martins arriving from Africa each year, which join nightjars, peregrines, kingfishers, barn owls and more in feeding and breeding on the site. Dormice nest in the dense scrub until the time comes to head back underground to hibernate. Brown long-eared bats dart around at night and keen eyes may spot the odd otter in the waterways.


A former World War II airfield that played a vital role in the Battle of Britain, set amongst woodland and lakes, Silverlake provides a carefully managed community in a well protected conservation setting. We’re very proud of the site’s history and each village is named after one of the brave pilots stationed at Silverlake during the War.




Cultivating peace of mind

Silverlake is a place to embrace quality time with friends and family, to enjoy weekends and holidays far away from the traffic, pollution and stresses of the city. Everything is geared towards the opportunity to switch off and relax, making full use of the joys of the countryside surrounded by modern comforts and beautiful scenery.

On top of a myriad of activities and adventures to keep the family entertained, Silverlake removes many of the inconveniences of owning a holiday home, with maintenance, security and management of the grounds and properties provided as standard.


Award-winning spa

A modernist, tranquil sanctuary, the residents-only family spa has an outdoor pool, roof terrace, sauna, gym, library and relaxation lounge. Our expert therapists are on hand for all manner of treatments – facials, manicures, pedicures and relaxing or energising massages using luxurious, handmade products by GAIA Skincare, made to awaken, balance and calm your mind, body and soul.

Our Divine body massage features our award winning Divine Oil, a combination of four exceptional plant oils. Your skin will be luxuriously softened, moisturised
and wrapped in a delicate floral fragrance, a blend of roses, grapefruit, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar and white musk.