Nature and art combined

Dorset is home to an incredible range of habitats, supporting a rich array of flora and fauna within them. To make the most of this, we have created a stunning Nature Garden at Silverlake bordering our latest villages, Baxter’s Rise and Shepperd’s View.

Nature garden 

The garden has been designed to attract the wonderfully diverse mix of invertebrates that call Dorset home, offering holiday homeowners the perfect place to escape and watch the world go by.

Bugs, bees and beyond 

The garden aims to protect and enhance wildlife, as well as providing a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.  

Dorset is among one of the richest counties for ants, bees, and wasps. Despite this richness, there has been a significant decline in numbers, largely due to a loss of habitat. We have built a Bee bank specially designed to provide the perfect habitat for the diverse array of these species and  have also created a giant bug hotel, offering insects the chance to thrive. 

Not only does the Nature Garden cater to our land-loving insects, but it also provides a home for the water-loving ones. There is a natural pond, with a variety of different depths, including elongated shallow slopes, which help to create a wetland effect. 

Stunning sculptures  

Sat within the garden are four unique sculptures specifically designed for Silverlake by sculptor Nik Jennings, who has crafted these magnificent pieces of art out of Corten Steel; designed to purposefully weather over time. 

These remarkable sculptures help to elevate the beauty of the Nature Garden, making it the ideal place to enjoy as a couple or a family. There are benches around the outside, where you can sit and enjoy the garden and take in the sounds of the wildlife within. The perfect place to enjoy on a spring or summer day with a picnic, or a winter walk.  

These sculptures complement our existing sculpture, To the Stars by Nadine Collinson, which resides at the Hurricane Spa. This spectacular piece was built to commemorate Habitat First Group's 25th anniversary and bring the pool and spa area to life. 

Imagine owning a luxury holiday home in Dorset overlooking the wonderous Nature Garden. We have large plots available surrounding the garden, offering direct access.  

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