A peaceful nature reserve to enjoy with your family and adorable pooches

Knighton Reserve

Open to all

A great day out in nature

Knighton Reserve is the new Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), open all year round to homeowners, guests and the local community, that promises to enchant nature lovers and adventurers alike. Covering 15.5 Hectares, the reserve offers a variety of walking trails, ranging from short routes such as Pooch’s Place to longer distance trails such as the combined Knighton Reserve route. So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery through this enchanting wildlife haven. 

A swimming sanctuary for your dog

Pooch's Place

Pooch’s Place is a brand-new trail in Knighton Reserve, offering a 1km circular path for cyclists, horse riders, and dogs to enjoy. The dog swimming area is fully fenced, ensuring that dogs can play and socialise off-lead safely, making for a stress-free outing. Dogs can unleash their energy safely as they frolic around Pooch's Pond or make a splash in the dog swimming zone to cool off on a hot day. Visitors can take in the scenery and spot diverse wildlife that call the reserve home, from Peregrine falcons soaring overhead to waterfowl swimming in the Knighton Reserve Lakes. 

Discover the species native to Silverlake

See nature first hand

This former quarry has been thoughtfully transformed into a blooming oasis that is teeming with rare bird species and abundant local wildlife. Why not head over to Peregrine Point, or Larus Lookout, where you can discover birds such as Waders, Skylarks and Sand Martins, amongst many others.  

A riding haven

Enjoy the view on horseback

Enjoy the views and serenity of the SANG with a ride-through on horseback. Please stick to the bridleway when riding. 

please respect the wildlife, as the area’s there for everyone to enjoy.