How to decorate and furnish a holiday home

Creating a welcoming and stylish holiday experience for guests can be easy with the right holiday home interior. A timeless holiday home interior can help guests to relax whilst minimising the need for frequent updates. However, functionality is as important as style when marketing your holiday property successfully and design is a vital feature of running a holiday let business. 


Discover the most popular holiday home features and how to effortlessly decorate and furnish with this practical guide to creating the perfect holiday let.

How to decorate your holiday home


Choosing a timeless style

Clean lines, neutral colours and a less-is-more approach offer not only a timeless look but also less maintenance on your holiday home in the long term. With a timeless style, your holiday rental impresses year after year, increasing the longevity of your property’s popularity.

Incorporating local flair

Your property’s location is one of the key attractions for a guest, so incorporating the location into your décor is a great way to add to your guest’s experience. Whether it’s showcasing work by local artists or using natural materials found in the local area, this personal touch shows guests you care about their stay and lets them feel the spirit of the place.

Many of Silverlake, Dorset’s holiday homes make the most of their location near some of Dorset’s best beaches by including coastal colour schemes and natural materials in their interiors.

Silverlake bedroom

Colour schemes and balance

The most significant rule in design is the '10-30-60' rule, which is critical to making a harmonious space. For this rule, you must use a dominant primary colour for 60% of your design, a secondary colour for 30% and an accent colour should cover the remaining 10% of your design.

Incorporating neutral palettes with accents of colour will appeal more to guests.

Creating focal points

Fireplace centred in living room

To establish a focal point in each room of your property, use artwork or architectural features, such as fireplaces, to build and balance out the room's composition and make a lasting statement. These focal points should complement design and colour and be impressive viewing points within the space. If you decide on a piece of artwork, why not incorporate the work of a local artist or a famous landmark that subtly shows off the location?

Less is always more when it comes to holiday home design ideas. By keeping your focal points simple and elegant, you are more likely to generate a sleek impression that will have a lasting effect.

Here are some focal point suggestions that you can incorporate around a minimal modern theme:

The view

Use your home's architecture to emphasise the open space and grandeur of the property by framing windows with breathtaking views.


Use carefully positioned paintings and place them in an appropriately sized area with natural light. Scale, frame and colour are essential, so make sure these coordinate with your décor style and amplify your location.

Feature walls

In coordination with your chosen colour scheme, you could incorporate shiny or smooth textures into your walls or objects, or patterned featured walls. When used thoughtfully around the property, this is more eye-catching to guests and is typically most effective with a monochromatic and modern style. Similarly, patterns on tiles and stone can be a striking focal point that, with appropriate lighting, modernises a room instantly.


Gardens and outdoor spaces

Outdoor furnishings and family outside in Silverlake

Here are some thoughts on how to make your outdoor space and garden more attractive without the need for high maintenance.

Durable, weather-resistant materials

You can future-proof your garden using hardy materials so guests can enjoy it long-term. 

Perennial plants

These plants bloom year after year and can quickly become a significant focal point in your garden that will last through harsh weather and the winter. If you include plants that bloom at different times of year, you won't have to worry about updating your garden throughout the year as it will come to life every season.

Connecting décor styles

Your green space should be a continuation of the style from the interior, such as using similar colours for garden furnishings from the interior.

Natural materials

Incorporate raw materials into your garden features and decorations to promote wildlife and complement your garden's scenery and views. Sustainable properties allow green spaces to thrive and eco-friendly features can even benefit the surrounding location. 



How to furnish your holiday home


Comfort and functionality

Silverlake living room furniture

When promising guests a stay at a luxurious property, comfort and high-quality furnishings are essential to meet the guests' needs. Choosing durable and easy-to-clean materials allows your furnishings to endure the general "wear and tear" that comes with having multiple guests over the year.

Aquaclean fabrics on sofas and other furnishings are the perfect solution for easy-to-clean materials. They have built-in fabric components that protect against bacteria and viruses and a soft yet durable texture despite powerful repellent features. The fabric only requires water to remove accidental stains, making it perfect for long-term holiday rentals. 

Living room furnishings

Are you searching for inspiration on how to furnish your holiday home? Start by making your living room more inviting and focusing on comfort in style. The living room is the communal heart of your property, where guests are most likely to congregate, so you will want to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Remember guest enjoyment and what your living room looks like in marketing photos

Is it inviting and welcoming? A booking solely depends on whether guests can imagine themselves relaxing there from the marketing photos

Choose furnishings that match your chosen style

Be consistent with your décor throughout the house

Make sure the seating caters to the property's maximum guest capacity

Keeping the guests happy and comfortable is key to attracting good holiday home reviews

Use removable covers for furnishings for easy cleaning and maintenance

If you use a managing agent, this will help them to keep everything looking fresh

Consider furniture arrangement

You can effectively centre seating around a TV or a fire if this is a prominent feature in your property; it makes it look more appealing in photos for groups and those looking to relax

Use space effectively

A smaller living room with fewer guests might need something cosier. Have your target audience in mind when buying furnishings to pick the correct amount of furniture to fill your open space without overcrowding it.

Bedroom essentials

The key to guest comfort throughout their stay is a good night's rest and a cosy atmosphere. Understanding the needs of your guests is essential when running a holiday business and overnight stays are easy to get right with the correct measurements in place for a comfortable sleep.

Silverlake bedroom interior

Here's what you should consider when it comes to interior décor for your bedroom.

The comfort of the bed

Is the bed itself comfy to the touch and to sleep in? Excellent reviews arise after a relaxing stay from holidaymakers who’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Quality of the mattress

Investing in a luxury mattress is ideal for holiday lets as they can last over a decade with proper protection. Mattress toppers help protect the mattress long-term and can be easily replaced.


If your property's bedroom faces the sunny side, consider opting for black-out blinds to minimise light for undisturbed guests.

Bed style

King or queen-sized beds are a great way to offer a luxury guest experience. The bed design, duvet cover, pillows and frames should complement the bedroom's overall style.


Provide ample storage, such as a wardrobe or additional dressing table, so guests can neatly unpack their belongings.

Soft furnishings

Extra blankets and pillows can offer an extra level of cosiness to the room and make it more appealing to sleep in.

Kitchens and dining areas

Silverlake kitchen interior

Equip the kitchen with essential appliances and durable worktops for self-catering properties. Discover the best ways to create a functional and welcoming dining area with the following tips.

Interior décor considerations for your kitchen:

Natural furniture

Furniture made of organic materials, such as oak, both durable and luxurious, make for a stylish centrepiece in a dining room.

Full kitchen amenities

Include a fridge/freezer, oven/grill and hob, as well as other amenities such as a toaster, kettle and microwave. 

Washing machine & tumble dryer

An essential for guests staying longer who need clothes cleaned, this can be included in a separate utility room or as part of the kitchen.


Make sure the seating caters to the home's maximum capacity.

Special features

Extra amenities, like a coffee machine or rice cooker, always help upgrade a guest’s experience.

Make it sustainable

Discover how to save energy on your holiday from appliances and incorporate more environmental considerations into your property's kitchen for long-term usage.

Entrances and hallways

Styling your hallway is an easy way to welcome guests to their "home-from-home" and will help to make an excellent first impression. Begin a guest's holiday experience with gifts on arrival, such as some kitchen staples and additionally practical items like coat racks and shoe storage. These are highly convenient for guests, especially for families and large groups. 

How to make a positive first impression to your guests:

• Welcome gifts upon arrival

• Offer an assortment of storage

• Clear lighting by the hallway at night

• Ornaments, artworks and decorations to greet your guests


Start a successful holiday let with Silverlake


A holiday let can be very rewarding when you consider style and practical needs for your guests.

Silverlake Estate from above

Start your holiday home journey with Silverlake today and you can choose either a new-build or resale Dorset holiday home that is ready to be decorated, furnished and let. 

First-time holiday letting? You'll be in the hands of experts who can advise on every detail you need to get set up in the world of holiday letting and be a success. Get your holiday home equipment checklist ready and we can assist you with the practicalities for your holiday home of a lifetime. Discover the best holiday cottages to rent and own in Dorset with us.

Silverlake, Dorset is unlike most holiday home developments as it is ‘purpose-built’ for holidays and protects its nearby Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. When you invest, you'll be close to the Jurassic Coast and many famous tourist destinations, making it the best place to invest in a holiday in the long term. Silverlake Estate provides luxurious lakeside properties alongside an array of on-site amenities, such as our high-tech Hurricane Terrace and Spa, to keep guests entertained and active.

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