The best holiday cottages to rent and own in Dorset

Dorset, renowned for its timeless allure, has always beckoned travellers to indulge in its scenic vistas and coastal wonders. Within this captivating region lies Silverlake, a sustainable haven for UK holidaymakers. Here, amidst the tranquil embrace of nature, an array of exquisite holiday cottages awaits, each offering a unique blend of comfort and elegance. Whether you’re seeking solace in serene landscapes or excitement along the coastline, Silverlake has it all.

Choose from our diverse selection of charming cottages, catering to all styles and tastes. Perfectly situated near popular Dorset attractions, Silverlake becomes your ideal base for exploring the region. Whereas for those drawn to Dorset's charm, Silverlake also offers exclusive opportunities for holiday home ownership: a chance to embrace the essence of this enchanting location and create ongoing memories amidst the countryside.



The best holiday cottages to rent in Dorset

The best holiday cottages to own in Dorset

Enjoy Dorset cottage holidays at Silverlake

The best holiday cottages to rent in Dorset


Hurricane Terrace at Silverlake Estate

Discover our extensive range of luxury holiday cottages in Dorset at Silverlake. Our self-catering cottages offer a blend of sophistication and comfort, catering to all preferences, from dog-friendly accommodation to large holiday cottages, best suited for gatherings. If you're seeking a romantic retreat for two or a family-friendly escape, we have Dorset holiday cottages with hot tubs and scenic views that provide the perfect backdrop for special events.

Additionally, all of our holiday cottages come with exclusive access to the Hurricane Terrace and Bar, the heated outdoor pool and activity equipment, which is also included in your property – meaning you’ll have plenty to do while staying at Silverlake.

If you are looking to explore the Jurassic Coast, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is just moments away.


The best Dorset holiday cottages for two


Experience Dorset like never before in our private luxury holiday cottages, perfect for couples seeking tranquillity and seclusion amidst breathtaking landscapes.


Hambury Cottage

Hambury Cottage at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 4
  • 3 nights from £649

Experience Dorset at Hambury Cottage, which has spectacular views of Beaumont Lake. This luxury holiday cottage offers a haven for couples seeking tranquillity and seclusion. With its stylish interiors, serene lake views and close spa location, it's the perfect choice for a romantic getaway for two.



Avalon at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 4
  • 3 nights from £649

Indulge in luxury at Avalon, a charming holiday cottage for two with a balcony and terrace, perfect for a barbecue on a hot day. This idyllic retreat, situated in the centre of Wakeling Island, features a warming log burner, sumptuous furnishings and breathtaking views of the surrounding Estate. This property is ideal for couples seeking a romantic escape to Dorset's tranquil landscapes.


The best large holiday cottages in Dorset


Spend time with loved ones in Dorset's large holiday cottages, offering spacious living areas and stunning lake views for memorable get-togethers.



Serenity at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 12
  • 3 nights from £1339

Escape to Serenity, a luxurious holiday cottage offering spacious accommodation and breathtaking views in the heart of Dorset. With its contemporary design, impressive king-sized bedrooms and huge lakeside terrace this self-catering retreat provides the perfect setting for relaxing get-togethers with family and friends.


Lazy Days

Lazy Days at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 13
  • 3 nights from £1229

Gather your loved ones for a memorable retreat at Lazy Days, a spacious self-catering cottage perfect for get-togethers at Dorset's Silverlake Estate. With its bright and airy rooms, modern amenities and stunning lake views, this large holiday cottage is perfect for family gatherings or group getaways amidst the natural beauty of Dorset.


The best Dorset holiday cottages with a hot tub


Unwind in style with Dorset's holiday cottages featuring private hot tubs, offering modern comforts and ultimate relaxation experiences.



Skyfall at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 7
  • 3 nights from £869

Unwind in style at Skyfall, a luxury holiday cottage with private balconies offering far-reaching views of the Estate’s nature reserve. This tranquil retreat offers modern comforts, scenic views and a private hot tub for the perfect relaxation experience. Skyfall is ideal for families and small groups celebrating a special occasion or seeking a rejuvenating escape in the heart of Dorset.


Drake’s Nest

Drakes' Nest at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 12
  • 3 nights from £1339

Discover serenity at Drake's Nest, a charming holiday cottage with a private hot tub in Dorset's picturesque Silverlake Estate. With its cosy interiors, hot tub and tranquil lakeside position, this self-catering retreat provides the perfect opportunity to meditate and unwind amidst Dorset's countryside.


The best dog-friendly cottages in Dorset


Explore Dorset's beauty with your furry friend in tow at a dog-friendly holiday cottage, providing spacious gardens and scenic trails to explore.


The Spinney

The Spinney at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 7
  • 3 nights from £739

The Spinney is one of Dorset's finest dog-friendly holiday cottages with sublime lake views. With its spacious garden, cosy interiors and access to scenic walking trails, this charming retreat provides the perfect base for exploring Dorset’s nearby dog-friendly beaches with your four-legged companion.



Everdene at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 12
  • 3 nights from £1419

Experience the ultimate pet-friendly retreat at Everdene, a delightful 3-storey holiday property, directly overlooking the lake. With its dog-friendly amenities and an enclosed garden, this self-catering cottage offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure for you and your canine companion.


The best family holiday cottages in Dorset:


Create lasting memories in Dorset's family-friendly holiday cottages, offering amenities and outdoor spaces for fun-filled adventures together.


Dorset Reflections

Dorset Reflections at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 8
  • 7 nights from £1349

Create cherished family memories at Dorset Reflections, a spacious holiday cottage nestled within the idyllic Silverlake Estate. With its nearby outdoor play area and access to scenic walking trails, this charming retreat offers the perfect setting for fun-filled adventures and quality time together.


Gray’s Cottage

Gray's Cottage at Silverlake Estate

  • Sleeps 6
  • 3 nights from £679

Escape to Gray's Cottage, a charming, family-friendly retreat located within Dorset's Silverlake Estate. With its cosy log burner and proximity to outdoor play area and nature trails, this self-catering cottage provides the perfect lakeside hideaway for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.


The best holiday cottages to own in Dorset


Silverlake Estate from above

For those enamoured by the timeless scenery of Dorset, owning a holiday cottage presents an opportunity to immerse yourself in its natural beauty time and time again. At Silverlake, you can find your own personal haven amidst Dorset's serene landscapes, with a diverse range of our exquisite new-build holiday homes for sale.


New Build Designs


The Retreat

The Retreat

  • Total investment starting from £535,000*
  • Available as 2 or 3-bed design
  • Highly sustainable and uses ‘A’ rated energy materials
  • Estimated build time: From 12 months

A harmonious blend of contemporary design and rustic charm, The Retreat offers spacious living areas and picturesque views. Starting from £535,000, this modern sanctuary promises luxury, sustainability and tranquillity in equal measure.


2 Storey Barn

2 Storey Barn

  • Total investment starting from £914,000*
  • Available with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
  • Designed by architect Wilmore Iles

Combining traditional elegance with modern amenities, the 2 Storey Barn exudes timeless appeal across two ambient floors. With prices starting from £860,000, this charming abode invites guests to embrace the quintessential Dorset lifestyle amidst scenic countryside.

As one of Habitat First Group’s most popular holiday homes for sale, the 2 Storey Barn is expertly crafted to attract sunlight inside and integrates natural materials throughout to add to the property’s innate wildness.


The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse

  • Total investment starting from £450,000*
  • Available as 2 or 4-bed design
  • Private decking and balcony view of a stunning nature reserve

Embodying the lifestyle of county-to-coast living, The Summerhouse radiates warmth and comfort, perfect for peaceful family escapes. With prices starting from £450,000, this coastal retreat boasts light-filled interiors and seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces, ideal for relaxing and entertaining family and friends all year round.


* Made up of a plot purchase and a build contract.


Resale properties


Eager to embark on your holiday home journey sooner? We have a variety of resale properties available now at Silverlake that can be enjoyed immediately. Whether you’re searching for a Dorset holiday home for you and your family to enjoy or an opportunity for a second home and passive income, look no further than here.

Wakeling Island 24

Wakeling Island 24

  • Asking price: £625,000

Wakeling Island 24 is the epitome of luxury lakeside living, boasting three generously sized bedrooms that offer space for both relaxation and entertainment. Its bespoke high-specification interior exudes elegance and sophistication, featuring an inviting log fire, open-plan spaces and exquisite craftsmanship.

What sets this property apart is its spectacular lakeside views, making it one of the most coveted locations by the lake.

Whether hosting gatherings or unwinding in solitude, Wakeling Island 24 offers unparalleled comfort and luxury in a setting that seamlessly blends natural beauty with refined living.


Rowan Cottage

Rowan Cottage

  • Asking price: OIRO £535,000

Rowan Cottage exudes charm and character with its distinctive oak build-exterior, offering a warm and inviting ambiance that instantly feels like home. Priced at OIRO £535,000, this quaint retreat provides a perfect blend of comfort and style, making it an ideal haven for those seeking a peaceful escape amidst the picturesque landscapes of Silverlake, Dorset.

With its thoughtfully designed layout and attention to detail, Rowan Cottage provides a cosy sanctuary where every corner tells a story, inviting residents to create cherished memories and embrace the simple pleasures of countryside living.


Enjoy cottage holidays at Silverlake


Family at Silverlake Estate

Discover luxury holiday cottages in Dorset at Silverlake, where self-catering cottages seamlessly blend opulence with Dorset’s natural beauty. Our meticulously curated collection of holiday cottages to rent in Dorset caters to every whim and desire, from quaint retreats for two to spacious abodes ideal for large family gatherings. If you are looking for reasons to invest in a holiday home, consider using this as an opportunity to invest in a lifetime of holidays for you and your family.

For those travelling with furry companions, our dog-friendly holiday cottages in Dorset offer a welcoming haven where guests and their four-legged friends can feel at home amidst the tranquil countryside. Immerse yourself in relaxation with our Dorset holiday cottages with hot tubs, where bubbling warmth and scenic views combine to create moments of pure bliss.

And for those captivated by the allure of Dorset's landscapes, all of our luxury Dorset holiday homes for sale provide an opportunity to make cherished memories year after year. If you seek a lakeside retreat or a woodland sanctuary, Silverlake offers the perfect setting to turn dreams of cottage ownership into reality.

Silverlake Estate Beach

At Silverlake, we invite you to embark on a journey of indulgence and rejuvenation: a journey where luxury meets nature and every moment is infused with warmth and our 24/7 hospitality. Experience the charm of Dorset's thriving countryside from the comfort of our exquisite holiday cottages, where each stay promises to be a cherished memory in the making.

Contact our property team today with any property queries, and we’ll help partner you with a holiday property worthy of your investment.

Feel free to browse our full portfolio of holiday cottages for sale at Silverlake so you can enjoy regular cottage breaks at one of the UK’s most sought-after holiday destinations.



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