Dog-friendly beaches to visit in Dorset

Nestled along the captivating coastline of Dorset lies a paradise for families and their furry companions. With its pristine beaches and breathtaking coastline, Dorset offers an irresistible invitation to those seeking quality time with their pooch during the summer holidays and beyond. For dog owners, finding the perfect dog-friendly beaches is the key to a memorable holiday experience under the sun, by the sea.


With sandy beaches, the Jurassic coast, islands and coves, you will be spoiled for choice. Fortunately, we’ve picked some of our very favourite dog-friendly beaches across Dorset, not far from Silverlake.



•  The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset

•  All Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset with No Restrictions

•  All Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset with Restrictions

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The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset


Dog on a beach in Dorset

Explore the best dog-friendly beaches in Dorset, ordered by proximity from Silverlake – for ultimate convenience on your holidays! These coastal gems offer unrestricted access or minimal restrictions, ensuring unforgettable moments for you and your canine companions:


Silverlake's Private Beach

Silverlake's Private Beach

Exclusive to holiday homeowners and holidaymakers at Silverlake, Silverlake's private beach offers a secluded sanctuary for you and your furry companion– providing a serene retreat just moments from your holiday accommodation and at the edge of beautiful Beaumont Lake.


Ringstead Bay

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 3.7 miles

Ringstead Bay

Ringstead Bay photographed by Odd Wellies.

Nestled just 3.7 miles from Silverlake, Ringstead Bay beckons with its golden sands and tranquil waters, offering a year-round haven for you and your furry friend to enjoy. With its expansive sandy shores and calm waters, Ringstead Beach offers the perfect playground for dogs to run and play freely, ensuring a peaceful getaway for owners and their furry companions.

This pretty little Dorset beach allows your four-legged friend to leap through the waves every day of the year. The sheltered bay makes it a lovely spot for paddle-boarding and the nearby café and playground means you and the kids can warm up afterwards.

What’s more, it’s only a pebble’s throw from Silverlake. What’s not to love?!

Bowleaze Cove

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 4.4 miles

Bowleaze Cove

Bowleaze Cove photographed by Jim Linwood.

Discover Bowleaze Cove, a picturesque retreat approximately 4.4 miles from Silverlake, where dogs are welcome all year round to roam and play along the shores. Providing spacious grassy areas and a long beach, Bowleaze Cove is a popular choice for families seeking dog-friendly fun by the sea, offering plenty of space for dogs to stretch their legs and enjoy a game of fetch.


Durdle Door

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 5.2 miles

Experience the iconic beauty of Durdle Door, a mere 5.2 miles from Silverlake, where you and your canine companion can marvel at the natural wonder of this renowned coastal landmark, with year-round access for dogs. Set against the backdrop of its iconic limestone arch and stunning coastal views, Durdle Door invites dogs and their owners to explore its scenic coastal paths and trails along the Jurassic Coast – making it an ideal destination for adventurous pups!

Durdle Door


Lulworth Cove

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 6.1 miles

Neighbouring Durdle Door and just 6.1 miles from Silverlake is Lulworth Cove, a dog-friendly paradise offering year-round access to its left slipway full of serene shores and captivating scenery. Sheltered waters and scenic coastal walks await at Lulworth Cove, where dogs and their owners can enjoy a day of seaside exploration, with dog-friendly cafes and pubs nearby offering a warm welcome after a day of adventure. It’s a challenging 2-mile walk along the coastal path to Durdle Door if you’re looking to tick off multiple beaches during your day trip.

Lulworth Cove


Chesil Beach & Cogden Beach

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 8.8 miles

Chesil Beach

Explore the pristine beauty of Chesil Beach and Cogden Beach, located approximately 8.8 miles from Silverlake, where dogs are welcome year-round to roam freely along the stunning Jurassic Coast.

Dogs and owners can roam and explore around Chesil Beach's pebbly shores and dramatic 18-mile coastline. With ample space for beach games and coastal walks, this beach provides a rugged, yet beautiful setting for seaside adventures.

Likewise, unspoiled beauty and tranquillity define Cogden Beach, a stretch of Chesil Beach, making it the perfect serene escape for dogs and their owners. With its long bank of shingle, there’s plenty of space for dogs to run and play along the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coast.


Kimmeridge Bay


Kimmeridge Bay

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 10.6 miles

Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay photographed by Pedro.

Venture 10.6 miles from Silverlake to Kimmeridge Bay, where rugged cliffs meet shimmering waters, providing a perfect year-round playground for you and your four-legged friend to explore. Rocky shorelines and clear waters offer rock pooling, fossil hunting and dolphin watching opportunities – making it a favourite spot for nature-loving pups and their owners! On key dates, the Fine Foundation Wild Seas Centre on the beach runs eco-crabbing lessons – perfect for keeping the kids occupied.


Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 16.7 miles

Hive Beach

Unwind at Hive Beach in Burton Bradstock, just 16.7 miles from Silverlake, where year-round dog-friendly sands await and you and your furry companion can soak up its coastal charm. With golden sands and crystal-clear waters, Hive Beach provides a picturesque haven for dogs and their owners to relax and unwind during the off-season. It even has a popular nearby beachside cafe serving up delicious treats for both humans and their furry companions to enjoy!


Studland Bay

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 17.2 miles

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks” at the Southern End of Studland Bay photographed by Andy Walker.

Escape to Studland Bay, located 17.2 miles from Silverlake, where dogs can frolic on its pristine beaches and explore the stunning coastal scenery. Endless sandy beaches and dunes await at Studland Bay, alongside designated areas for watersports and watersport equipment hire. South Beach is the most dog-friendly area, with dogs allowed to visit year-round, as long as they are on a lead of less than 2-metres.

This National Trust beauty is surrounded by rugged heathland and perfect for wildlife watching, thanks to it being one of the only places that plays home to all six of the UK’s reptile species.

After a walk, stop by the beachside cafe for a hot treat or an ice cream.


Eype Beach

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 18.6 miles

Eype Beach

Eype Beach photographed by Henry Burrows.

Discover the beauty of Eype Beach, approximately 18.6 miles from Silverlake, where year-round dog-friendly sands stretch out beneath the towering peak of Golden Cap, providing the perfect backdrop for coastal adventures with your canine companion. At Eype Beach, rugged cliffs and pebbles provide a scenic backdrop for dogs and their owners to enjoy. The beach’s tranquil atmosphere and dog-friendly status make it a popular choice for families seeking a peaceful seaside retreat in Dorset.


Seatown Beach

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 21.2 miles

Seatown Beach

At Seatown Beach, 21.2 miles from Silverlake, you'll find year-round dog-friendly shores waiting to be explored, offering tranquillity and stunning views along Dorset's captivating coastline. After a fun day at the beach, relax in a cosy room with your pup at the Anchor Inn, a luxurious pub right on-site – you can even soak in beautiful ocean views while you unwind!


Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis

• Distance from Silverlake: Approximately 26.2 miles

Monmouth Beach

Located approximately 26.2 miles from Silverlake, Monmouth Beach in Lyme Regis welcomes dogs year-round, inviting you to stroll along its historic beach and uncover hidden treasures washed ashore. With its rich history and fossil-rich cliffs, Monmouth Beach invites dogs and their owners to stroll along its pebble pathways.


All Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset


For a comprehensive list of dog-friendly beaches in Dorset, with and without restrictions, look no further than our dog-approved lists below to plan your family’s holiday itinerary.

Woman with her dog on the beach

All Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset with No Restrictions

Experience true freedom at these beaches, where dogs are welcome anytime, allowing you to explore Dorset's stunning coastline without constraints. Enjoy off-lead adventures with your pooch at some of the best dog-friendly beaches in Dorset without restrictions!

Lulworth Cove

Monmouth Beach

Church Cliff Beach

East Cliff Beach

Charmouth East Beach

Eype Beach

Cogden Beach

Abbotsbury Beach (From the Tank Teeth Boundary to Portland Boundary Stone)

Bowleaze Cove

Ringstead Beach

Church Ope Cove

Durdle Door

Man ‘O’ War Beach

Chesil Beach (Chesil Bank)

Lulworth Cove (Left Slipway)

White Nothe Beach

Mupe Bay

Gore Cove

Worbarrow Bay

Kimmeridge Bay

Monkey Beach, Swanage

Hamworthy Park Beach

Branksome Dene Chine Beach

Middle Chine Beach

Mudeford Sandbank

Rockley Sands, Poole

Gundimore Beach

Highcliffe Castle Beach


All Dog-Friendly Beaches in Dorset with Restrictions


Plan your visits accordingly with this list of beaches featuring specific restrictions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for families and their furry friends!

Dogs on lead all-year round

Dogs on lead between certain times of year only

Dogs allowed between 1st of October to the 30th of April

Dog allowed in certain areas only


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