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Eco-friendly holiday homes for sale

The planet is the only home we will have and here at Silverlake we are proud to be working towards being carbon neutral and slowly but surely, we are encouraging our homeowners and guests to do the same. Silverlake's sustainable holiday homes have been designed to help reduce the impact on the environment.

Sustainable holidays with Silverlake's eco-friendly lodges

Our holiday homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring the architecture works in harmony with nature, using locally sourced, natural materials. This helps to insulate our holiday homes to reduce the properties’ running costs. We are also proud to have been awarded Building with Nature status - the UK's first green infrastructure benchmark - due to our sensitive approach to biophilic living, ecology and sustainable development.


As Silverlake is purpose-built, the Estate complements the surrounding community, enhancing the value of the surrounding area.


Silverlake and its sister site, Lower Mill Estate, have both rejuvenated derelict quarries transforming them into flourishing nature reserves that conserve and create new habitats for a wide range of protected species. Our eco-friendly houses also include features to encourage and support wildlife, ranging from bee bricks and living roofs to bird and bat houses.

Eco-friendly holiday home features

Silverlake's electric houses have been built entirely with sustainability in mind, from the foundations to the finishing touches. Below is a full list of sustainable features that can be built into our eco-friendly homes.

Our eco holiday home features

Heating and insulation

Mitsubishi Eco Dan Air Source Heat Pump 

A renewable energy system that uses ambient air to provide heating and hot water for the house. Links in with the hot water cylinder to optimise energy and provide a constant supply of hot water. Included as standard with Silverlake homes developed from 2022 onwards.


Heating Controls 

Heat miser thermostats are installed in each room with underfloor heating, allowing for temperature control by zone, which is fully programmable via an app. 


Wall Insulation 

Walls are insulated with the Kingspan TEK® 18 system. The 142mm thick panels offer excellent thermal performance and insulation properties. The system achieves a U-value of around 0.18 to 0.2 W/m²K. 


Underfloor Heating

The underfloor wet heating system allows heat to be distributed evenly throughout the space. The system offer efficient, comfortable heating, while contributing to a well-insulated and energy-efficient building.

Our eco holiday home features

Energy and broadband

Photovoltaic Array

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity to generate renewable energy and reduce reliance on the grid.



A high-speed fibre-optic broadband connection directly to the premises, offering fast and reliable internet connectivity. 

Our eco holiday home features

Structural features

Structural Floor Strengthening
The upper floors of the building have been structurally enhanced by increasing the depth of the structural joists and adjusting their spacing. This also improves acoustic performance for a quieter, more comfortable living environment.

Air Tightness
Our target for air tightness is 3.5m³/h/m²@50pa, which is substantially below the required value stated in Building Regulations (Part L1A).

Window and Door Specification
Smarts aluminium windows and doors to offer a combination of durability, thermal performance and contemporary design, whilst maximising natural light and views.

Permeable Driveway System
The permeable driveway system allows rainwater to drain through the surface, instead of creating runoff. It helps to reduce flood risk and allows water to replenish the ground.

Our eco holiday home features

Sustainability ratings

A-rated Appliances

A-rated appliances are used to consume less energy and contribute to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.


EPC Target

Our holiday home designs carry an A+ rating, indicating the highest level of energy efficiency.

Our eco holiday home features

A haven for local wildlife

Living Roofs

Living roofs, also known as green roofs, feature plants and greenery that help the local ecosystems thrive and sustain the incredible array of wildlife on-site.


Bee Bricks 

Bee bricks with small holes are incorporated to provide nesting places for solitary bees. They promote biodiversity and support pollination. 


Swift Boxes 

These boxes provide a nesting area for swifts, which are migratory birds. The boxes help to conserve these precious birds and encourage their return year after year. 


Native Species Planting 

Only plants and trees that are native to the local ecosystem are used around the property and the Estate to support biodiversity, provide a habitat for wildlife and reduce maintenance. 

Our eco holiday home features

Set up for eco-friendly travel

EV Charging Point 

The EV charging point allows for convenient and efficient charging of electric vehicles. Silverlake homes developed from 2022 onwards have EV charging points included as standard.


Train Station Nearby

Moreton train station is just 1 mile away, meaning Silverlake enjoys excellent transport links to the rest of Dorset and beyond. Guests can also enjoy a car-free holiday.


Facilities On-site

With so many great facilities and activities to do on-site, from the Hurricane Terrace restaurant to the numerous walking and cycling trails on offer, there’s no need to leave the Silverlake site to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Invest in Sustainability

How does sustainability add value to a property?

Sustainability is becoming a more and more important aspect of home building, as more people consider the impact that their home has on their lives and the planet. Having a sustainable holiday home means you can not only make a positive difference to the environment, but it also adds value due to the increasing desirability of eco-friendly features.

Own an Eco Home

An ethical investment

If you are looking to invest in a holiday home, you can also be confident that you are making an ethical investment at Silverlake. Alternatively, if you are looking for an eco-holiday, you can holiday sustainably through our official holiday company, Habitat Escapes.

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