The Heath Lobelia Project

Our parent company, Habitat First Group, is in partnership with The Species Recovery Trust to work on the national Heath Lobelia project in order to conserve this plant in Britain. Until recently, there have been only six populations of Heath Lobelia in the UK. This is a stunning and rare native plant. 

In 2017, a small population of this plant was translocated to Silverlake and placed in purpose-built cages to protect it from grazing damage. This was the first ever translocation of this species, and we are pleased to say that the number of flowering Heath Lobelia is increasing year on year. 

The Species Recovery Trust has released its latest report on the Heath Lobelia project. Within this you will read how the three enclosures at Silverlake containing Heath Lobelia have fared throughout 2020. As well as updates on the 7 other sites within the project, which are found across the South of England.

Click here to read the Heath Lobelia project report.

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